What Business Groups are Selling the Fastest?

two people shaking hands
two people shaking hands

The latest business sale statistics give us a national view of what industries have the most activity. I like to look at the times from list to closing to see where the greatest velocity lies within the market. We will also look at the inverse to see what industries are lagging.

Fastest Selling Industries

  1. Casinos – 27 days

  2. Tanning Salon – 59 days

  3. Web Design – 75 days

  4. Vending Machines – 79 days

  5. Pest Control – 86 days

Slowest Moving Industries

  1. Vineyards – 450 days

  2. Funeral Homes – 354 days

  3. Newspapers – 332 days

  4. Dollar Store – 316 days

  5. Bowling Alley – 292 days

No real surprises on either of these lists (other than tanning salons) but every industry will have its day due to market and industry-based factors.